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Nov, 2017

Website under construction, but for now ...

Revolution ... Evolution .... pretty bold claims? Perhaps!  But that is what we are proposing. As such, everything will be quite different otherwise these words would be more of the typical slogans used elsewhere. And it all starts with a very honest discussion about current options for soccer players and how most are being developed ... or NOT being developed. 

Is it necessary to travel so much? Is it necessary to play so many games season after season ... after season, and be "all in" or you won't have a chance? Is the outrageous cost absolutely necessary? And really ...  is anyone playing "The Beautiful Game" or is it more like "kick ball" or a"kick and chase" type game?  That is ... is it a controlled, methodical keep-away type game or is it one in which the ball is lost about every 8 seconds, the majority of passes go directly to the opposing team's players and it's so much a game of sheer force and very little finesse?

Of course not and we will gradually explain why.

More importantly, why do most kids that start playing at the very early ages quit completely by the 7th grade? It's around 70% which is unfortunate. For those that are left playing ... is there truly much passion still for the game? Was passion ever even created in those crucial early years or was it corrupted by the emotion of the games, the number of games and the coaches/clubs importance of winning? And is that coach a "Transactional" or "Transformational" coach?

These problems will also be discussed.

Funny about that "passion" thing. IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR INFLUENCING ONE'S DEVELOPMENT but usually it's what is nurtured the least if not outright squashed. A simple question ... do you see many kids anywhere on their own with the ball just enjoying themselves?  That's what Passion actually is and evidence of it's existence.

Admittedly a bit of cynicism, but everything about Revo stems from the utmost passion for the game, for the highest level of development and for every kid because they deserve so much more!

I offer two quotes ...

"In the rush to play all those games ... why is no one learning to play well?"

"The difference is, in England, they teach you how win. In Spain, we teach you how to play soccer."  -Jose Mourinho

If these ideas resonate, then a different road is being developed and we hope you join us on a unique journey.


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