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Jan, 2019

Why Revo ... is there truly a difference???

Why Revo ???

1) The kids deserve more.
2) Parents deserve a better option.
3) The game deserves a higher standard and can actually be more enjoyable to watch and to play.

Kids deserve more ...
Simply put,  traditional methods are failing our young players. So many start to play ... and so many quit. Sadly, the statistics are as follows. By the age of 7, 38% of those playing will quit. By the age of 10 another 50% of those playing will quit. By the age of 13 ... 70% of those that started will have quit so more than 2 out of 3 players that experienced "soccer development" in the US will quit.

It's not to say that there is a way to make sure every child will play soccer forever ... but we can and should do much better. It would be nice if 2/3rds of the kids that attempted to play soccer at some point had an enjoyable experience, learned the very basic skills needed to feel slightly competent on the field and in the end continued to enjoy playing "the beautiful game'' on occasion with others even if they are not on a team or playing at such a serious level. A life long activity. This is achieved in so many other cultures and this is really what the goal should be for our young players.

Too many games with minimal skills is counterproductive. Too many games with too much travel and too many tournaments is detrimental to long term development. This is the current model and it is far from being optimal.

The most important thing is to create an enjoyable environment ... something that the kids actually look forward to doing and this is not the case for the majority of the players.

How do we know this ?

Rarely do we see kids simply playing soccer and having fun anywhere and enjoying such a wonderful game. This would be what we call  "free play" or "pick up" type games which can be played anywhere. Hours of fun, thousands of touches and kids learning organically. Kids being kids actually. And the best part is that this is FREE !!!

So locally with over 400 Club teams and as many Rec teams ... if this is the case then somethings probably wrong. Maybe the kids deserve a better approach!

Parents deserve a better option ...

Elsewhere, the world's game is played by so many with so little. In the US it has become an elitist activity. It shouldn't cost so much for kids to learn how to play this game and the need to travel far distances to find competition is not necessary at all. It's actually part of the problem and why so many are spending more time in a car seat that on a field. 

About higher standards ...
We are still questioning, arguing about and re-vamping our educational system in this country because we have problems helping so many students in our schools. To think that we have finally perfected soccer developmental methods in the US and that where there's green grass there's complete competent training on every field???  Soccer is still not part of our culture and out training methods are highly questionable.

The reality is that for most of the players that do continue to play soccer into their High School years, having played in the fall and spring seasons ... with winter training and summer camps ... and many with private trainers ... having done this for numerous years ... in the end most higher level coaches, globally speaking, would state that the large majority of our players are technically (skillfully) very deficient and the overall soccer IQ is quite low ... "for the large majority" of these players. There will be top teams, there will be winning teams and there will be college players for sure but the overall level of ability or actual development of this remaining group leaves much to be desired. This is a very honest assessment of soccer in the US.

"In the rush to play all those games ... most never really learned how to play a simple game of soccer very well!"

Here are a few things to consider for those that might be skeptical about this matter ...  3 short videos and then two articles.

Is the US struggling with development?

Is there possible another way?

An example of a different approach!

(Many would agree that Japan, as a nation, has possibly achieved more in the last 30 years than we have in the last 60 in the area of overall soccer development. Tom Byer was the impetus behind this success. China now is seeking his advice to help guide that nation and the small interest shown from some in the US has already dwindled away after a few ideas were discussed with our Soccer Federation.)

About the typical Club Curriculum, implementation and methodology ... or What really happens at most large Clubs?

The overall plan ...

The Methods ...

The REVO  message about these problems is simple and sincere. There is a better way for the majority of kids to learn how to play better soccer and a better game ... and it doesn't have to be as expensive and require so much traveling! The belief that spending thousands in hopes of a college scholarship is very misguided. Study more instead and simply learn to play soccer for a lifetime of activity and enjoyment!

Less travel, fewer games, lower cost ... more time with the ball, more touches, more activities, many more smaller games and a more enjoyable introduction.

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