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Jan, 2018

The Club Rub ... Quantity or Quality ???

It's so easy to drive past any typical training location and assume it must be majestic. Just look at all that green grass ... all those kids, the balls and the trainers ... it just has to be wonderful, right?

A fair question might be - Are the majority of those kids truly receiving detailed attention to aid their development ... or just the few on the top teams?

When a Club has 50+ teams there will be a few strong players and when there are 200+ teams there will be a few strong teams.  But how are the other 85-90% really doing ... developmentally speaking that is?

Another question - Is there more Brilliance or Nonsense being conducted on a daily basis with the entire group?

Rephrasing that last question - If there was a list of 10 crucial ideas most experts agreed upon pertaining to youth development for young soccer players ... would most of these be followed?  Honestly, do most even know what these might be?

These questions are bound to ruffle a few feathers and, honestly,  thank goodness. Eventually we will discuss thoroughly what most agree are the best methods to help young players in their long term development and we'll also list the reasons more than half of these are not followed. This includes items such as: practice to game ratios, consistent club curriculum and consistently followed club curriculum, guest players, volunteer parent coaches and club trainer (not at games) ... are the best coaches/trainers with the younger teams ... playing out from the back ...

It's quite a list and the simple logic is apparent when the reasoning is explained. What's illogical is why so much is typically ignored and actually quite often the opposite is done.

If it was Recreation soccer then this could be understood easily with the well meaning volunteer parents that really don't know. But to spend thousands of dollars for Club fees with the belief that the best developmental practices are always being followed???

Being objective and fair - Why is the REVO opinion relevant,  accurate or even credible about these matters?

For now there are several truly exceptional articles that follow. They are from some of the most well respected minds in this sport. So have a read ... no need to simply follow our opinions blindly. Later though, perhaps a journey to any Tournament with several teams from all over, several age groups and we can, unfortunately, watch most all playing a very similar type of game. "Fast, Forward, Frantic and Forceful" ... and the ball is lost or turned over about every 6-8 seconds. The simplest of fundamentals are lacking and true IQ (team or individual) is usually quite low. 

Now the opposite of this is "Creative, Cunning, Precise and Patient." It's actually a different game all together when an entire team is composed and has a high degree of comfort on the ball. Something most will never see in person.  That's what "The Beautiful Game" truly is ... and it's not around here. This doesn't happen by playing more and more games nor does it happen by traveling further to play more of those games!

(articles in a bit)

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