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Revolution - Evolution - Believe it!

Revo Elite is a new group in the building phase and will be offering the highest level of soccer development in a uniquely patient, logical and methodical manner.

The absurd amount of games, distant traveled to these games and outrageous expense associated with the typical Club Development Model is absolutely not necessary if we are actually talking about long term development of the highest level. Paradoxical but true.

To succeed, we must understand that a child's passion for any activity is really the most important factor influencing long term development. Supplementing this passion with proper instruction along the way is also instrumental. The current options of Recreation soccer (SAY/SCSA) and Club (Travel) soccer fail to actually develop the majority of entering players when we consider actual well rounded long term development. Of the numerous players that start playing during their younger years ... around 70% will quit by the 7th grade. This is the reality of our current soccer landscape. Additionally, those still playing are usually technically deficient with mediocre playing IQ. This is not to blame the kids but to finally admit that they deserve so much more!

Simply put, the Revo Method is the most patient, logical and methodical development model that is uniquely being offered in the most enjoyable environment. High level development can actually be FUN !

Recreation soccer fails miserably in its attempt to introduce young players to such a beautiful game. Playing full size games with minimal skills has a huge downside. Yes, a type of exercise but far from being the optimal way to introduce initial games. The bigger or faster kids will be fine but most really aren't having that much fun. And force feeding such a type of game (style of play) as an acceptable game on those impressionable minds ... well there's a much better game and a much better way and we totally avoid games of this type.

Typical Club soccer has become too "all consuming" starting with even the youngest players. Fall training, winter Futsal and then the spring sessions and games. Too many games ... too much travel and failure to understand that excessive Tournament play is actually detrimental to long term development. A simple charting of time with the ball and touches compared to the time in the car seat driving to all those games ... you're probably going to be surprised. We have a different approach ... and you're going to be surprised.

We don't believe the typical Club approach creates much passion, unfortunately. Honest observation of most young games will reveal a large amount of unpleasant "game emotion" energy and this typically starts with the youngest players. If it's a game the yelling is soon to begin.

A Most Honest Assessment of the typical Club Soccer Problem

To understand a proper training model consider this -

"everything right foot and left, a pedantic attention to the details and we do today that which will make you the best player 10 years from now."

That's a world class approach from the Dutch. Oddly, the exact opposite of what exists most everywhere. Focusing on the next game/win is usually the reason and as a result Technique, IQ and playing style suffer. The simplest test of this in younger games ... is that goalie booting the ball to the sky more than 20% of the time? ... ever see more than 5 passes connected skillfully? Or ...  instead, is the ball lost about every 5 or 8 seconds. 

Revo is currently in the building stage of a unique group of players - Revo Elite. The training methodology is derived from Brasilian, Spanish and Dutch practices and this is the Revo Magic. There are layers upon layers of activities that experienced in a unique manner and this is how a proper foundation is crafted.

The simplest of our goals is to help players reach the 7/8th grade with an impeccable foundation and then they will have a chance through the high school years to add a physical aspect to their technique and higher IQ.  That's an unusual order, if we're honest, adding force after the finesse has been created. Most in their high school years never achieved a high level degree of finesse and now can only use mostly force instead.

So it's all starting and were looking for a few Revolutionaries. In simpler terms ... we're starting a gifted school for soccer players ... but you don't have to be gifted to join. You will be gifted when we finish.

As well, a discussion on many topics related to soccer development is being offered. Embedded in these discussions will be articles from which every assertion is based. These are from the most intelligent minds influencing the sport ... and our hope is to educate every parent as much as possible. Oftentimes, following these articles will be the original "comments" from various readers and these are also very informative.

Wonderful advice to help navigate your child's path

Please don't be overwhelmed by the amount of information and digest it as able. This is paramount to help guide your child's development. Truly understanding, with depth, the aspects related to actual development verses the typical approach which is the number of goals scored in any game. There are possibly a thousand events during any game and typically less than 5 of those events are goals scored. To believe that this reflects the level of actual development of the group is the most common mistake that exists for most every game.

We hope to change that as well.

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